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Batumi Museums

Batumi Archaeological museum has unique materials found during excavations throughout Adjara. The exhibits are dated back to the Stone Age. There are items of 400-300 thousand years old. There are also monument complexes beginning from VIII c. BC. They are part of the museum exposition. Medieval materials found in upper Adjara are also very interesting.

Batumi Archaeological Museum abounds in Antique Greek and Roman vessels. There are clay and glass exhibits, antique Greek, Roman and Colchic coins etc. No doubt that Batumi Archaeological Museum is a very rich and interesting scientific and cultural institution not only for Georgia but for the entire world.

Adjara State Museum is almost 100 years old. The Museum represents 180 thousand exhibits, including unique monuments of Nature, ethnographic items, manuscripts, unique photos, art works and other exhibits. The Gold Fund consists of hoards found on Gonio and Pichvnari: gold bracelets, hammered gold pendant, plaited gold chain, a gold statue of a fellow, flaked gold girdle, golden bowl, two triangular gold girdles, gold buckle, belt fragments, ear-rings, rings. The museum also preserves samples of jewelry such as decorated pendant chain, bracelet, etc. These items are dated to V century BC.

The Adjara State Art holds a significant collection of Georgian fine arts. There is a department of West European and Russian art here too. The museum presents canvases of prominent Georgian artists Niko Pirosmani, Lado Gudiashvili and others. There are works of famous Russian realist painters too.

Please find below contact information for Batumi Museums:

• Academician Mamia Komakhidze Museum, Kobuleti
• Adjara Art Museum, Batumi, Z. Gorgiladze Str. No.8, Phone: + (995 222) 7 38 94
• Adjara Museum of Education and Culture, Batumi, Metaxa Str.8, Phone: + (995 222) 2 20 71
• Akhvlediani State Museum, Batumi, Jincharadze Str. No.4, Phone: + 995222 7 11 75
• Batumi Archaeological Museum, Chavchavadze Str. 77, Phone: + (995 222) 2 19 81
• Ethnographic Museum of Machakhela Valley, Chkhutuneti, Khelvachauri region
• Ethnographic Museum of Mareti Valley, Oladauri, Khelvachauri region
• Gonio-Apsaros Museum-Preserve, Gonio, Khelvachauri region
• Memed Abashidze Museum, Batumi, M. Abashidze Str. No.7, Phone: + (995 222) 7 61 12
• Ilya Chavchavadze Museum, Batumi, Al. Griboedov Str. No.5 , Phone: + (995 99) 538610
• I.B.Stalin Museum, Batumi, Pushkin Str. No.19, Phone: + (995 222) 2 04 56
• Khelvachauri Ethnographic Museum, Mejinistskali, Khelvachauri region
• Keda Ethnographic Museum, Keda
• Khulo Local Museum, Khulo
• Picture Gallery of Adjara Artists Society, Batumi, Rustaveli Str. No.10, Phone: + (995 222) 7 23 13;
• Selim Khimshiashvili Museum, Kinchauri (Skhalta).
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